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An Electric Car at P2R In Elyria Will Support Lorain County Residents with Seeking Employment

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Place to Recover, LLC, 2096 North Ridge Road, Elyria, OH, is an organization that focuses on providing supportive services to Lorain County residents by addressing barriers that impede sustainable employment.

With one of the significant obstacles to employment being transportation, P2R CEO Wendy Caldwell learned about Sharon Pearson, Lorain County Mobility Manager, in December 2019. During one of several conversations, Pearson advised Caldwell of the Paradox Prize Award, a transportation initiative dedicated to providing funds to communities tackling employment barriers. Place to Recover applied for the 2nd Round of the Paradox Prize Award for an electric car share with SWAY Mobility and was not awarded the funding but was encouraged to collaborate with similar projects in Lorain County.

This video explains the Paradox Prize, of which Place to Recover's

Sway Mobility Electric Car is participating. Watch the above video to learn more.

In January 2020, Place to Recover joined the Let’s Get to Work Lorain County collaborative, including the City of Oberlin, Lorain County Transit (LCT), Catholic Charities, and Oberlin College/SWAY Mobility. On February 6, 2021, the Let’s Get to Work collaboration presented a joint concept to the Paradox Prize Committee and was awarded $100,000 to expand transportation services to Lorain County.

This joint employment transportation initiative involves three services: 1.) LCT extended hours 6 am - 6 pm and second shift transportation service. 2.) LCT expanded service area, including numerous employment locations (click here for details about the Oberlin Connector); 3.) And the Electric Vehicle Share Service (EVSE) through SWAY Mobility at three locations. Two locations within the City of Oberlin and one at Place to Recover in Elyria. The carsharing service will enhance transportation availability on evenings and weekends and provides transportation services to clients at Place to Recover, Catholic Charities, and Lorain County residents. The above-mentioned transportation services will be part of the pilot project for one year.

The SWAY Mobility Electric Vehicle (EVSE) will be shared by Place to Recover and Catholic Charities. This car will be parked under the carport at 2100 ~ 2096 North Ridge Road, Elyria, OH 44035. The vehicle will also be available to Lorain County residents with a valid license. A driving record check will be conducted by SWAY before using the vehicle. The cost to lease the car is $4 an hour, and an app provides access. A schedule and instructions for vehicle use will be provided once the carshare program is up and running.

The target date for delivery is February 12, 2021. Please contact Wendy Caldwell at Place to Recover, LLC (440) 345-6701 for more information.

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