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Amherst City, Office on Aging

Service Status:

Temporarily Suspended

Phone Number:

(440) 988-2817

Fare Cost:

Payment Accepted:

Private Pay

Days & Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday; 9 am - 2 pm


Other Transportation Specifics

Senior Discount:

Disability Discount:

Veterans Discount:

Can a personal attendant ride FREE?:

Wheelchair Accessible:

Do you take private insurance:

Do you take waivers:

Do you take Medicaid:

Your Service Area:

Do you cross county lines?

Covid-19 Protocols:

Schedule Instructions:

Transportation Service Description

Transportation is provided to take seniors to doctors’ appointments, drug stores for prescriptions, county-wide agencies for required appointments, as well as for shopping and other essential local travel needs. Those passengers requesting transit to a site within a designated radius of Amherst City limits will be charged the rate of $10.00 round trip. The staff also shops for groceries and will run errands for clients; these trips will be charged at $15.00 per trip. Prescription pick-up and delivery in Amherst only is $8.00. Please contact us for additional pricing.

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